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Decentralized Exchange - On -Boarding- System


What price of TrūQoin will the market Bear?

The Decentralized Exchange On-Boarding System (DOBS) determines the market price that TrūQoin will start at when the TrūQoin DEX launches.  This is done by finding out what price the market will bear by starting at the low price of 0.1 TRON (TRX) for the first Catch of 100 TrūQoin sold, and then increase the price by the same 0.1 TRX, after each and every sell.  This continues until nobody wants to pay after the last price increase.  This shows us how much the market will bear!

Starting Supply 210,000 TrūQoin 

TrūQoin from Blocks 1 to 4

The TrūQoins for the DOBS are from the DEX and Operation "DEXO" portion of the TRQ from Block 0001 to 0004.  The first four Blocks each has a total of 105,000 (Total 420,000) TRQ and were split 50% / 50% between the DEXO and the Miners.

2,100 Catches Available 

100 TrūQoin per Catch

The DEXO portion of 210,000 TRQ will provide 2,100 Catches of 100 TRQ for the DOBS.  If all 2,100 sets are sold then the EBOS price for one TrūQoin (TRQ) will be set at  210 TRON (210 TRX) and will be the starting price on the DEX. 

2,100 Catch Challenge 

Double All Catch TrūQoin 

All Catch TRQ are doubled when we reach 2,100 Catch sales during the DOBS.  The TRQ will be sent to the Miners when the DOBS wallets are unlocked after Block 0015.


2,100 Catch Projections

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