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Block Party - First Available TRQ to hit Miner's wallet. Block #0005 Completes in the Next Few Days!

Time to party! This is the first mined block of TruQoin that the Miners will receive in their Mining Wallet and will be unrestricted. Both the DOBS wallets and PreLaunch Wallets have lock periods and the Miners will have to wait until the blocks the restrictions are released.

Block #0005 TruQoin can be used freely and sent to other wallets. These other wallets should be compliant with the TRC-20 TRON standard. TronLink of course is our choice, and you will need to load the TrūQoin coin to your TronLink wallet by adding an asset.

It is always a best practice when loading a new coin to your wallet to add by searching for the Smart Contract address ( TEhisTYcR5zk3Nz4D2H7Q3aguLhX8nqMNV )

The reason this is the best way is so you do not pick the wrong asset, that may have the same or similar name.

The current number of transactions recorded to block 0005 is 2,091. That leaves just 9 more transactions to go before this block completes its mining, and the TrūQoin will be sent to each Miner based on their total Mining Power.

Just how many of the TrūQoin the miners will receive can change from block to block. This block has 105,000 TRQ and will be split 50/50 or 55/45, depending on the Activity Factor. The Activity Factor ties the distribution swing to the product and coin volume change from block to block. This block is the first when coin sales volume can be measured. Since there was zero coin volume last block and now we have coin volume, we call this a 100% change. To this point, the distribution of TruQoin was 50%/50% between the Miners and the DEX/Operations (DEXO).

The Activity Factor is now (-0.670), and with only 50 Transactions left to go in Block 0005, the Activity Factor is now positioned to swing plus five percent (+5%) more TruQoin to the Miners.

Interestingly, that the Activity Factor is just barely in the +5 position. The next 50 transactions could see the Activity Factor go past (-0.618) and that would then bring the Golden Ratio Swing to minus five percent (-5%).

If the Swing on the last transaction (2,100) is in the range of (-0.618) to (0.00), then the Swing will be (-5%) from the Miner's side. Since the minimum the Miner's side can receive is (50%), then the Miners will distribution will be (50%), the same as prelaunch Blocks 0001 to 0004.

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