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Avalanche Staking


Staking Activity Points!

Miners of TrūQoin are allowed to "Stake" TrūQoin for mining power. When a Miner stakes TrūQoin, they hold those coins in a Staking Wallet. In return, for this Activity the Miner receives Staking-Activity Points based on how many TrūQoin are on hold in the Staking Wallet at the close of each Block and multiplied by two multipliers (Multi's); Count-Multi and Stake-Multi.  Both Multi's increase the reward the longer the Stakes are held and encourage long term staking.

APR "Activity Points Rewards"

TrūQoin Rewards through Staking wallets

Avalanche Staking APR is not the typical DeFi definition meaning an "annual percentage rate".   Instead, APR means "Activity Points Reward" and refers to the number of "Activity Points"  that Miners receive for staking TrūQoin, which "Rewards" enhance the Miner's Mining Power for each Block the Stake is held.

Count-Multi Rewards Every Block Mined

Increases Block to Block

Count-Multi is a points multiplier based current number of blocks the Stake has been active. For example, a Stake-10 Wallet will have its Count-Multi increase from 1 to 10, starting on the first Block the TrūQoin was Staked in the Stake-10 wallet and increase to 10. A Stake-100 Wallet will have its Count-Multi increase from 1 to 100.

Stake-Multi Rewards Every Stake Wallet Created

Increases Stake by Stake

Stake-Multi is a points multiplier based current number of Stakes that are currently active. For example, if the Miner stakes TrūQoin in a Stake-100 Block wallet for each Block over 20 blocks, then Stake-Multi will increase by one each time Stake Wallet starts, and the Stake-Multi will be 20 on the last Block.

Avalanche Staking Challenge

2 Billion Activity Points!

Stake 100 TRQ in a Stake-10 and Stake-100 wallets for 110 Blocks!

The Ideal Situation is to Stake after each Block TrūQoin is added to your Mining Wallet. Then Stake the largest amount of TrūQoin you are comfortable with for 10 Block and also 100 Blocks. Then Stake every Block for 100 Block to achieve the highest Multiplier of 110. The incentive for the continuing to keep the coin staked by using a multiplier that increases after each Block Reward. If the TrūQoin is removed from the Stake then no points are given for that Block. 

Increase TrūQoin Value through Scarcity

The more TrūQoin is staked the larger the value TrūQoin attains.

The Scarcity of TrūQoin can increase by creating an incentive to hold TrūQoin off-market. The greater the amount of TrūQoin held off-market, and the longer TrūQoin is withheld from the marketplace, the greater the effect of scarcity on the value of TrūQoin. Increased scarcity is accomplished by the Staking Points System, where TrūQoin is held off-market in Staking Wallets through incentive point rewards to keep the TrūQoin off-market, which in turn increases the price through scarcity. The longer, the better, so by increasing the enticement for Staking Points to receive more TrūQoin, the longer TrūQoin is staked.

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Avalanche Staking

Avalanche Staking


Avalanche Staking 
2 Billion Activity Points


8 Stake Wallets Example

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