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Announcement - 50,000 Mining Points TRON Grand Hackathon Challenge!

Receive 50,000 Mining Activity Points for participating in the

TRON Hackathon Activity Mining Event!

Winning the TRON Hackathon is Good for TrūQoin!

What is good for TrūIQ is good for TrūQoin!
What is good for TrūQoin; is good for TrūIQ!

Winning the TRON Hackathon is Good for TrūQoin!

  • 23 Days to participate.

  • Starts today July 27, 2022

  • Ends on August 18, 2022

Over the last month, since we started to onboard Miners, and started mining block #0005, the miners have experienced rewards for different types of Mining Points.

Transaction Activity Points - (Formula)

Sales of TrūIQ products;

Catch Activity Mining Points - (TRON X CatchMulti)

Buying a Catch of 100 TrūQoin;

Meeting Activity Points - (10 Points)

Participation in a face to face meetings and zoom virtual meetings;

Event Activity Points - (Farm Visit - 1,000 Points)

Going to visit the Farm to see how the TrūIQ products' ingredients are grown.

Now we have a new Event Activity for miners to participate in.

The TRON Hackathon Activity Mining Event!

Miner's Activity will help us win the Hackathon by joining the TRON DAO forum and participating in the project. Our TrūQoin project needs to win the Hackathon because winning will elevate our perceived value to the TRON community and the crypto world. Engagement in the forum deserves great rewards and this Event is rewarded with massive mining points.

While the Hackathon is underway. There is a total of 23 days giving Miners the ability to be rewarded for their participation, up to 50,000 Event Activity Points to add to their Mining Power.

To enter and receive points you need to Join Forum and post daily qualifying messages. Make a first Post message in our Hackathon Project

Make Daily posts for multiple bonuses.

Start Now!

  1. Make an account in the TRON DAO Forum with your Miner ID as your user name. This is the only way for us to add points to your Miner account.

  2. Add a Color TrūQoin icon as your profile picture. This makes it easy for Hackathon judges to see our miners.

  3. Make Qualifying Posts and Replies

  4. Positive interaction in the forum helps us win!

  5. Participating daily in the forum helps us win!

  6. Visit our Hackathon projects and make positive posts in other project groups.


Maximum Points - 50,000

  • 600 - Post with TrūQoin Logo on Profile

  • 1,000 - First time posting

  • 6,900 - 300 X 23 Days posting

  • 11,500 - 500 X 23 Conversations

  • 10,000 - 10 Day Participation Bonus

  • 20,000 - 15 Day Participation Bonus

First Message - 1,000 Mining Points

Starting now, Miners can participate in a new Event and receive 1000 Activity Points to make their first qualified message.

Daily Message - 300 Mining Points

Additional Daily 300 Points per day to make a positive Qualifying Post/Reply in our TrūQoin project forum.

Daily Conversation Bonus - 500 Points

Hold a conversation with at least 5 replies on the same topic of the conversation, each day a miner engages in the Hackathon.

10 Day Participation Bonus - 10,000

15 Day Participation Bonus - 20,000

Within the 23 days of the TRON Hackathon Activity Mining Event, there is 2 Bonus for participation for reaching the Milestones of 10 Days and 15 days.


When will points be added to my account?

Event Activity Points will be calculated on August 19, 2022, and will apply to block #0005 unless that block has been completed on or before August 19th. In that case, they will be applied to Block #0006.

How to join?

  • You must be a Miner and have your Miner ID number.

  • Join the TRON DAO Forum and make your User Name the same as your Miner ID number starting with the word "Miner"


Your Miner ID is 19765

Make your Forum UserName "Miner-19765"

And for your Profile picture use any color TRQ logo below.

Here is the link to join the

Grand Hackathon 2022 Season Two

What are Qualifying Posts and Replies?

Ask a question

You have many questions about TrūQoin mining and this is a great place to get answers. Team members are available to answer your questions.

Answer a question - You may help others in the group by being the one to answer their questions, and you will receive mining points for helping.

Suggest a feature - You have ideas and suggestions on how to improve TrūQoin, and we are listening.

Make a positive statement of support - You can tell us how well you like the project, but make it make an impression. More than an emoji or "Hi", you need to express yourself.

Add a Testimonial - Tell the community about TrūIQ products, TrūQoin Mining, or why TrūQoin is valuable.

What is a Disqualifying Post/Reply?

FUD'ers will disqualify the miner that made the post for 24 hours. A FUD'er is a posters of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the project. This forum is not the place to make complaints or say anything that can be considered an attack on the project or the people. The reason this is not allowed in the forum is that it has become a common practice and tactic in the crypto world for a competitor to send their agents of FUD to their competition to create Fear Uncertainty and Doubt in the project. This is something we will not allow in our project and we certainly will not reward them with points for doing so.

For more information on FUD.,_uncertainty,_and_doubt

Of course, errors and mistakes happen and we want to know about them. You can send ask for help through TruIQ.

Thanks for your participation!

Download your favorite color TrūQoin icon below

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